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When Not to Apply and Who to Ask Why

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1Afro When Not to Apply and Who to Ask Why on Sun May 31, 2009 5:58 pm


Avoid applying for jobs with red button words like these:
Act now, only 2 positions left!
Listen to this automated message available for all!
No skills required. Make $2000 a week.
We are a sponsored advertiser on a legitimate site . . . buy now!
Hiring rebate processor
Virtual assistant $34/hr
Data entry $1000 a week
Verification specialist $14 an hour
Call this number for legitimate work at home opportunity. . . "Thank you for calling, this is a top secret thing that I am placing in a recording for everyone to hear but yet you, oh you are special. I want you to work for me doing something vague, possibly illegal and I need you to enter your account number at the sound of the beep. BEEP!

These are just a few of the things you need to avoid. Scam artists grow more and more clever each day. We have to stay one step ahead of scam artists. The best way to this is to have a strong support system. Support systems for those who work at home are message boards like this one. More very helpful message boards are:
The Work at Home Mafia, where everybody is family
Virtual Vocations, home of Tamona's Tips and Fun with Frugality!
Work at Home Mom

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