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The Craigslist Test

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1Afro The Craigslist Test on Sun May 31, 2009 9:39 pm

What we need to do as work at home professionals is employ a few very simple strategies which I am going to call “CRAIGSLIST TEST” to help us weed through Craigslist and transform it back into a viable option for opportunties.

Contact email is a hotmail account but the company is Something Job, LLC for example

Research - Use the scam section on the Mafia to see if that company has been discussed.

Avoid - do not apply to any job where they ask you to remail, reship or cash money orders or checks. You will end up in prison from that.

Identity - when you are asked before you are hired to provide proof of identity such as your driver’s license.

Grand claims - Another common sense issue since these are just outlandish claims such as “Make $500 to $3,500 Per Month From Home! Without leaving your home or risking one penny of your hard-earned money! Without Owning a Website! Without Selling Anything!

Social Security number required to apply.

Lack of interest in meeting or speaking to applicants.

Illegal Activities - If you see a job posting that asks you to receive and ship packages, you can assume that by accepting this position, you’ll be trafficking stolen merchandise or worse.

Scam denial - if you have to say you are a legitimate opportunity more then a job description then you are probably covering up something.

Typos - no professional real company is going to post ads that have not been spell checked. I’m not saying mistakes don’t slip through but be wary.

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